God’s will is to heal disease, yet too many people go home to heaven through the pathway of illness. How can we love Jesus so recklessly in the process that we leave nothing on the table when asking for healing except His sovereignty?

Praying for Healing while Planning a Funeral confronts our often double-minded approach to lean on the council of man instead of the promises of God—losing sight of His miraculous nature as our faithful, loving, merciful God. Learn how you can:

  • Fight tenaciously because your hope comes from the Lord.
  • Seek the heart of God, so you don’t bow to terminal illness.
  • Not be afraid to pursue the miraculous.
  • Trust God to sustain you whether healing occurs in this life or the next.

Praying for Healing while Planning a Funeral is not just about hope; it’s about digging in and standing strong as God teaches you how to fight His way.

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Praying for healing is a tricky business. It’s a kaleidoscope of hope, doubt, belief, faith, trust, and fear all wrapped up together. Throw in some feelings of unworthiness, confusion about God’s sovereignty, too much Internet information, plus all that comes with not feeling well, and you have a perfect storm, a true spiritual battleground. It just so happens to be the place where my husband, Gary, and I found ourselves on March 15, 2011.

Have you seen the movie The Avengers? The earth’s superheroes have to team together to take on a fierce villain who wants to control humanity. It’s not easy to save the earth. The heroes really have to duke it out in order to win. My favorite scene is at the end when all the Avengers are sitting in a destroyed diner; their clothes are dusty and torn. They are covered in scrapes and bruises. Frankly, they are exhausted and all they want is a sandwich and a cold drink. This is how Gary and I felt as we journeyed through cancer. We joined God in a fierce battle for Gary’s life because we believed that God is the author of our first day and our last—not cancer. However, we don’t have superpowers. We are ordinary people, who live ordinary lives, and have ordinary jobs. But it is what happened to us through the journey of cancer that makes our story so extraordinary.

As you read our story, it is important to remember that Praying for Healing while Planning a Funeral in the Bible Jesus didn’t heal the same way twice; some of the healings were immediate, while others were a process. Each biblical healing has specific attributes especially designed for the person He healed, as well as to teach the world how He longs for a relationship with us. As Gary and I went through our journey together, God was faithful to bring these stories to our minds, encouraging us along the way. They taught us the way we should go, and how we should respond to Him in our situation. He lavished us with patience, mercy, and love as He opened up His healing miracles to us. We used these stories as our pathway out of cancer. Like the healings in the Bible, He may speak to you or your loved one in a completely different way, so it is important to leave room for the creative God to dazzle and surprise you.

Another part of our story, which is a little harder to understand, is that we believe that because God is so relational, because He loves us so much, and because when Jesus died He sent the Holy Spirit to dwell within us, He communicates with us all day long. We believe that He speaks to us through Scripture; or He speaks to us from a note from a friend, or during our dreams at night…really, in a thousand different ways. You may be thinking, “Sure, this is plausible,” but by the end of our story my prayer is that you know this to be the truth and your desire to get to know our loving God in new ways is undeniable. He loves you tremendously, endlessly, fully, and completely, and He longs for you to discover His amazing love. We get it. God seems so far out there, so intangible, so busy. “Does He really want to talk to me when He has so Introduction many things on His plate? After all, there are starving people in Africa, genocide wiping out thousands of people in other countries, collapsing governments, and billions of prayers for Him to tend to every day. How can He possibly be so tender, loving, and omniscient to be aware of all that and still communicate with me individually?” These were actually many of Gary’s own questions for most of our twenty years of marriage, so don’t feel bad if you are unsure about the validity of communicating with God. He knows you. He knows where your limits are, and He will reveal Himself to you as you are ready. One request we have is for you to keep an honest log of your emotions as you read this story, which can be done in a separate notebook, or you can write in the margins of this book. Make note of the aspects of our story that make you angry, defensive, sad, frustrated, hopeful, peaceful, or joyful. We ask this because in these emotions are hidden self-secrets, the beauty of your heart, wounds, and the sins you struggle with that all need to be worked out with God. He is tender toward your journey. He understands your disappointments, loneliness, heartache, and trust level. His heart is to heal you emotionally, spiritually, and physically. He wants to set you free, not because you have enough faith, and not even because you are worthy enough. But He wants to heal you because it’s His nature to do so and He is God. Go figure.

The kicker, and what brings us all to our knees, is that this book will not be able to explain the fact that many people more devout and obedient than Gary have prayed for healing and have gone home through the pathway of illness. We can’t even begin to address this reality in the pages contained here.

We are here to simply tell you our story—the way God chose to move in our lives, and deal with us. And by you reading the way God chose to deal with us, we pray that our story brings you hope, increases your faith, and stirs a desire in you to trust yourself with our wonderful God. He lavishly loves you and He desperately wants to help you into healing, whether it is spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical.

Jesus promised us, “And you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free” (John 8:32). May God reveal truth to your heart as you read the pages of this book, and may you walk in a greater level of freedom and intimacy with God than ever before.

Meet Rosey Brausen

ROSEY BRAUSEN is an advertising, marketing, and development professional, freelance writer, inspirational speaker, and prayer intercessor. She is a graduate of the McNutt School of Healing Prayer and has been in the healing and prayer ministry since 2002. Rosey is the seventh of ten children. She enjoys exercising, reading, gardening, traveling, and a really good belly laugh. The funniest people she knows are her husband Gary, sons Bennett and Alec, and eight of her nine siblings. She lives in Bloomington, Minnesota.

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